Drood Inquiry

Here are some pictures I was commissioned to produce for the Drood Inquiry, an interactive website based around Charles Dickens’s final, unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. There are character portraits, objects of importance and a 6 installment comic which aims to summarise the story. Read more about The Drood Inquiry here: http://droodinquiry.com/ and on this blog too:  http://cloisterhamtales.wordpress.com/

Characters from Droodobjectslow

developmentPart One WEBPart Two WEBpart 3 WEBpart 4 WEBpart 5 WEBpart 6 WEB


poss logo copy

I was asked to talk about illustrating Drood at the Drood conference at Senate House. We had a lot of the illustrations set up, so it looked a little bit like an incident room at a police station. It felt like an appropriate setting in which to try and solve the mystery of Edwin’s murder (or was it…?!).2014-09-20 18.12.362014-09-20 09.28.23All Work (C) Alys Jones 2014


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