Hello! Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy looking at some of my work.

I graduated from the B.A Honours Illustration course in Falmouth in 2006, and I have just completed my M.A in Illustration: Authorial Practice, also in Falmouth. I’m extremely happy with how it went, I think the effect on my work has been really significant. Most of the work on this blog has been produced either during, or since completing the course.

My M.A project focused on the generation of visual responses to World War One literature. This became combined with an exploration of Meta-fictional narratives, culminating in the production of my book Beyond the Wire. Some of the most significant influences on this project have included: In Parenthesis by David Jones, the work of Paul Nash, Otto Dix and C.R.W Nevinson, The Charley’s War comic-book series and research from The Imperial War Museum.

I’m really pleased to announce that my project was jointly awarded the 2011 Graphic Literature Prize by Atlantic Press. We had a brilliant launch party at Daunt Books in Chelsea last May, and the book is now available to buy from my website, where you can also see more of my work: http://alysjonesillustration.weebly.com/index.html

For more information about this project, or to discuss a commission, please send me an email: (alys.jones@yahoo.co.uk).

Since finishing the M.A I have worked on commissions for Daunt Books (The American Drolleries by Mark Twain), Truro Arts Company and Falmouth Art Gallery, as well as continuing to develop my own projects.



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